Wednesday, August 29, 2007

President and Sister Christison are official now! Once you have been through a six week cycle, transfers and all then you can actually understand what it is you are doing. We have been here now seven weeks. We have spoken in ten sacrament meetings, four firesides, been to the airport three times, cooked what feels like five thanksgiving dinners, had 100 people for family home evening (that's alot of cookies) and passed out cell phones to all the missionaries. We absolutely love it and the missioniaries, but the best part is the spirit you feel on a daily base and the baptisms are a highlight every week. Mason is so helpful we think we will keep him here to serve. He teams up with missionaries, drives vehicles to places, does arts and crafts in the office, every errand you can imagine, lets his mom beat him in ping pong and studies, studies, studies. We hope your lives are wonderful, safe, happy, and full of missionary experiences.

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Barlow Putz said...

in the olden days we used to use a flip chart of the inca golden plates, of course a facimile to get into the door and then a profile of a prophet to get peolple to take the lst discussionand on one street the ridings" we got 28 converts through that approach, of course they were all prepared and friends to each and it all worked...keep busy