Tuesday, August 14, 2007

colorado denver south mission 2007-2010

Hello Family and Friends, They say that coming out into the missionfield is like drinking from a fire hydrant. While it is true we are having a great time. We've met every missionary and toured the area meeting with Stake and Branch Presidents, Bishops, and lots of investigators. We've held open houses for FHE for investigators and we've spoken in several firesides, lots of sacrament meetings, and we are counting the trips that we will make to the airport (an hour away) and the trips over the mountain (four to eight hours away). It has been an amazing experience so far with one transfer week under our belt we're ready for the next one. Our first zone conference was amazing. Mason has been adopted as one of the assistants to the President; they made him a name tag that says "Elder Wonnabe". He's gone team teaching, tracting, errands for the office, and even spent two days in the mountains being a companion to an Elder because his compoanion had to be brought into Denver from altitude sickness. To summarize our first six weeks (which is what our calendar is run by) physically exhausting, emotionally tender, spiritually high, and wonderful. We love the people here, they are so supportive of missionary work and the missionaries are the Lords best.